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November 12, 2019


Acceptance.  Acknowledgement.  Celebrate.

By: Cerelia Goudeau, Senior Human Resource Specialist

When reading many company core value statements, you will discover they may list diversity as the spirit of their organization.  We applaud this. We too believe diversity is more than just a core value statement. At PACCAR, diversity is integral to every aspect of our daily interactions in the workplace.   


We believe in fostering a diverse and inclusive environment. We aim to attract and retain the highest caliber employees to achieve superior business results while exceeding customer expectations in the communities we serve.  Our mission is to build and leverage a diverse and inclusive workplace where all employees are empowered to innovate and succeed by raising awareness, increasing communication, and providing learning opportunities in a way that engages all employees.  We do this through traditional channels of recruiting and through organizations like “Hiring Our Heroes,” which helps veterans transfer their skills to civilian roles.

“As a veteran, I can really appreciate the diversity we have at PACCAR and PacLease.  We have people from all different walks of life with different experiences and perspectives spread throughout the company.  Collectively we are able to tackle any business problem and find creative and dynamic solutions because of these varied viewpoints.  It is one of our best competitive advantages!”

                                                                                                                                                   - Jake Civitts, PACCAR Leasing Director of Franchise Operations




Throughout the years we have actively driven various diversity and inclusion efforts to make PACCAR the great company it is.  Diversity speaks to an enriched culture that provides strategic thinking – and drives success.  We not only acknowledge the benefits of diversity within the company; we seek to promote diversity in our communities by supporting and participating in organizations such as Women In Trucking. Our leaders focus on and support our diversity initiatives, such as a mentoring program, company sponsored conversations on diversity topics, community outreach, or training programs to help our employees grow in their careers.

“Being a part of PACCAR’s Diversity Council is unlike anything else I have experienced. The diversity within PACCAR and PLC is vast across cultures, religions, holidays etc. I have been exposed to several different atmospheres here at PACCAR and really appreciate how employees are inclusive and supportive of everyone’s uniqueness.”  

                                                                                                                                                  - Meghan McCallum, PACCAR Leasing Contract Administrator



Our employees participate in cultural awareness events such as Hispanic Heritage Month, Language Week, Special Olypmics, Pride Week and much more.  We are also proud of the recognition received for being one of the top places for women to work in the trucking industry.

Celebrating our diversity is a key value.  It lets our employees know that we value each and every one.  We believe diversity in the workplace increases innovation, results in better decisions, and increases employee engagement.  We promote equal opportunities in advancement and hiring for all of our employees– at PACCAR Inc you are respected and heard. We celebrate diversity!


To Learn more about Hire Our Heroes please visit

See how our former veterans transition from military life to civilian life with transferrable military skills to the ideal job.



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