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August 20, 2019


PACCAR: Impactful Internships

By Aaron Ng, PACCAR Leasing Marketing Intern

Find out what our Interns are saying about meaningful Internship opportunities at PACCAR Leasing Company  

Coming into the summer, I did not know what to expect from my Marketing internship at PACCAR Leasing. It was daunting; I was walking into my first big internship and immersing myself in a completely new corporate environment. I had many questions racing through my mind weeks before. Will I like the people I work with? Will I do meaningful, impactful work? Will I have the opportunity to work on projects in which I have interest? Will the internship program be enjoyable? Halfway through my internship, I can answer all four of the questions with the same answer—yes.  

Will I like the people I work with?

To me, the most important factor in my happiness at a job is whom I work with. The work can be uninteresting, but if people I like surround me, I will be happy. I am fortunate to work with a team that I really like. The marketing team has helped me greatly. Each member of the team has expertise that they pass on to me to aid my professional development. Rather than constantly supervising, the team has integrated me as one of them. When I need help, I can easily ask for it.

Will I do meaningful, impactful work?

The possibility of making an impact as a college student on a big company is often unheard of. However, as a Marketing intern at PACCAR Leasing, I was given that opportunity. The work I do is setting the groundwork for PacLease franchise training and many marketing campaigns to come. Many interns at other companies are given “training-wheel” tasks that do not play into the company’s actual operations; I knew that was not what I wanted out of my internship experience. It feels great to know my work as an intern is important.

Will I have the opportunity to work on projects in which I have interest?

At PACCAR Leasing, I am always free to express my interests to the marketing team. Going into the summer, I knew I wanted to learn how to use Tableau, a valuable skill for marketing and data analysis. I voiced that to my manager and she gladly accommodated by changing a major project to allow me to practice Tableau. The people here want you to succeed; if you have an interest, they will help you pursue it.

Will the internship program be enjoyable?

The PACCAR intern cohort is large and continues to grow every year. This summer, there were over 120 interns in the Greater Seattle Area. Along with the opportunity to do great work, there were plenty of fascinating intern events throughout the duration of the 12-week program. We toured the Kenworth Renton Truck Factory, the PACCAR Call Center, the new PACCAR Parts state of the art distribution center and the PACCAR Technical Center.  We networked, and drove semi-trucks! As PACCAR continues to expand its internship program, the events will likely get even better.

Overall, an internship at PACCAR Leasing is a great experience for anyone, whether you are a freshman in college or finishing graduate school. During my time here, I have gained lots of knowledge and experience that will be valuable to me where ever my path leads.

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