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October 28, 2021


Impactful Internships at PacLease

By Harminder Simplay, PACCAR Leasing Company (PacLease) Marketing Intern

Find out what PACCAR Leasing Company Interns are saying about meaningful internship opportunities.

When I first arrived for my Marketing internship, I was nervous about the transition. I thought it would be a complete 180 from the typical retail environment I was used to. Fortunately, the overall transition was smoother than expected. At that point, I had zero experience in a corporate environment. I was nervous about my potential performance. Everyone at PacLease is welcoming and supportive. I always felt like my work was recognized and appreciated. Within just a few weeks, I had already learned plenty of new skills – scheduling meetings, compiling newsletters and articles, and utilizing marketing software.

Empowerment Through Interning

Initially, the hardest part about my transition was learning to schedule events and meetings. At my previous workplace, my schedule was always planned out daily – you’re in the stock room for a set amount of time, then the fitting room, and so forth. Everything was predictable, and there wasn’t much I could do on my part to change it. But at PacLease, I was in control of my schedule. I was the one in charge of my time. Your time is valuable, your co-workers’ time is valuable, management’s time is valuable. Everyone’s time is valuable. When you have that much power over your schedule, it can seem daunting at first. Working at PacLease has taught me to maximize my time through efficiency, and it’s a skill I’ve improved at since I’ve started.

Developing New Skill Sets

An exciting opportunity for me was compiling newsletters, social media posts, and blog articles. Through writing out this content, I learned more about trucks. After a few months of writing content for PacLease, I developed a newly found appreciation for truck drivers. Before PacLease, I didn’t know much about trucking, or the critical role this industry plays in our daily lives. But now I can look at the roads and acknowledge the effort our Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks (and their drivers) put into delivering everything we need.

Learning New Software Programs

When compiling reports and completing new projects, I got exposed to software such as Dynamics 365 (CRM), LinkedIn & Sales Navigator, Google Analytics, and Tableau. I also strengthened my Excel knowledge through frequent usage. These are all valuable skills for aspiring marketing professionals because it shows you the back end of how data is collected and analyzed. As someone who is used to seeing the final deliverable, it is nice to see how it works.

Rewarding Experience of a PacLease Internship

I am grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given as a Marketing Intern at PACCAR Leasing Company. What I appreciate about PacLease is that they encourage you to develop different skill sets. I didn’t just work with the Marketing team – I worked with the Insurance and Fuel Tax teams too. A lot of my co-workers have also had experience in different departments. So, if you are someone looking to expand your skill set, PacLease is the place for you! An internship at PACCAR Leasing Company is rewarding for anyone. Whether you’re an undergraduate or a graduate, there are plenty of open positions year-round for all backgrounds.

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