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Safety & Maintenance

August 10, 2021


Work Zone Safety

Tosha Missel, PacLease Marketing Specialist

Summer is here and construction is in full swing, from road construction to new building construction and everything in between. It is important to pay attention and stay safe while traveling through work zones for both you and the crew working these jobs.

Protect workers in constructions zones by giving workers extra room, slow down, and be prepared to stop. Avoid all distractions including but not limited to cellphones, CB radio, eating, drinking, GPS, chatting with passengers or playing with the radio. Keep your eyes on the road and be alert to work zone signage and work zone crews. According to Work Zone Safety, 115,000 total crashes happened in work zones in 2019, and 22,000 crashes in work zones were truck-involved.


Keep your distance! Rear-end crashes are common in work zones based on the findings from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Maintain extra space between you and the vehicle in front of you. Use extra caution when traveling through work zones at night. Those same hazards may not be as easy to see with reduced visibility. Inclement weather can also contribute to these factors.

When merging be mindful or larger vehicles like, buses or trucks. Commercial vehicles that are fully loaded take more time to stop. Most importantly, share the road, be alert, and be patient.


For more great tips from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration visit

More statics from Work Zone Safety visit

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