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September 1, 2023


PacLease Internship Experience

By Ben Mueller, PACCAR Leasing Company (PacLease)

Every year, PacLease welcomes a team of interns for the summer. This summer, I and four other interns joined PacLease in areas ranging from Marketing, Accounting to Franchise Operations and Contract Administration. Through our time at PacLease, we became an integral part of our respective teams, having the opportunity to work on important tasks and projects which provided great value to the business.

In reflection on my time at PacLease, I must say this was truly an exceptional experience. Coming in, I was immediately welcomed by my team, who made sure that I had everything I needed to succeed. I received constant support and encouragement as I became familiar with my projects over the summer. I always felt comfortable asking questions and seeking help when needed, yet I was also challenged and pushed out of my comfort zone to succeed.

I learned more than I could have ever imagined and gained exposure to so many areas of the business. I am truly thankful for the experiences I had and the relationships I formed during my time here. PacLease truly cares about their interns and places significant value on the work that they do, while allowing them to develop invaluable personal and professional skills.

This positive experience was shared amongst all interns here at PacLease. As the internship program draws to a close, here’s what other interns had to say when reflecting on their time while at PacLease:


Ethan H – PacLease Accounting Intern

Student at the University of Washington

“I wanted to work at PacLease as it is a dynamic company with lots of opportunities. My first impression was that everyone was very welcoming, and the environment was warm and friendly. With the width of PACCAR, there is so much going on. Very few internships allow you to gain such a large understanding of the company. Through events with interns from other PACCAR divisions, you are also able to gain an understanding for the entirety of the company.”

“As an intern at PacLease, you can go into work and be part of the team. You are not just viewed as an intern, rather as an actual part of the team, forging your own way with lots of autonomy.”


Luke H – PacLease Contract Administration Intern

Student at Miami University

“I knew PACCAR had a good internship program from my brother last year. I’ve always had an interest in trucks, and PACCAR is top of the market when it comes to trucks. Coming into PacLease, I was met with intelligent, hardworking people, who encouraged me to ask questions. Everyone was very patient and helpful. I was given lots of work which I liked because it allowed me to contribute to the operations of the company even as an intern.”

“Interns are given exposure to the entire company, seeing all divisions. PacLease likes to provide interns with the full experience to improve their skills and knowledge. They really care about their interns and provide lots of opportunities to meet people of all levels throughout the company.


Aska M – PacLease Credit Analyst Intern

Student at the University of California, Los Angeles

“PacLease allows you to work directly with customers and the leasing model appealed to me. A large company like PACCAR is essential in transportation, because of how it operates with smaller customers that aren't necessarily dealing with fleets, more from smaller business models, which allowed me to learn a lot not just about the industry but also about the business. At PacLease, people work close together with one another, and they are proud of the work that they do.”

“As an intern, you can come in and get the full exposure. You get a professional experience while gaining an understanding for the industry. PacLease provides its interns with hands-on work and experience that indulge you in the company.”


Karsten H – PacLease Franchise Operations Intern

Student at the University of Washington

“After interning with PACCAR Financial last year, I knew I wanted to return to PACCAR and PacLease was a great opportunity to gain exposure in a new area of the business. I came into this role with a good understanding of the PacLease division and how it operated – PACCAR and all its divisions have tremendous employees. Knowing this, I had very high expectations for the environment that I would be joining. With that being said, the level of organization and attention to detail blew me away. I have been fortunate to work alongside professionals who set a great example every day. PacLease rewards individuals who do good work, and you are provided extremely valuable access to leadership - sitting down and connecting with directors and executives is a transformative experience early on in your career.”



“My experience with PacLease has been a continuous lesson in professionalism. The difference between learning in the classroom and watching industry professionals at work is a night-and-day difference. This experience has also prepared me in so many ways that the classroom couldn’t. PacLease has provided me with great opportunities to hone my skills in Microsoft Office, Tableau, Snowflake, and Salesforce. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with and learn about various databases and systems which has reshaped what I’ve learned in school.”


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