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September 18, 2018


PacLease Used Trucks offer Advantages to Used Truck Buyers

By Michelle Harry, PacLease Director of Marketing and Services

Many used truck websites and truck driver forums offer tips on buying used trucks. While those are great, we’d like to present an additional idea if you’re in the market to buy a used vehicle. And, that’s buying a truck coming off a lease, from PacLease. There are big advantages.

But before we get into those advantages, what exactly does PacLease offer when it comes to equipment? We sell high-quality, late-model heavy-duty Class 8 and medium duty Class 6 - 7 trucks -- typically five or six years old that just came out of service with our customer. This includes sleeper units, day cabs, straight trucks, refrigerated vans and more.

Now, those added benefits and advantages we mentioned? It can be boiled down to 5 key points:

Maintenance History – One of the first rules in purchasing used commercial trucks is to review the maintenance records to ensure the vehicle has received regular preventative maintenance inspections preferably at the manufacturer’s suggested interval. For the most part, PacLease vehicles have been owned and maintained by a single PacLease franchise during the life of the vehicle operation. As a result, most have the full maintenance history reports available. Additionally, these former lease (and sometimes rental) trucks will be the most likely to have received timely preventative maintenance inspections. PacLease franchises are committed to ensuring customer service via maximum vehicle uptime, while at the same time reducing their own long term maintenance costs. That can prove to be a huge plus for the second owner of the vehicle.

Truck Mileage – Truck mileage is often seen as an indicator of the overall condition of the vehicle...and it is an important component when selecting a used truck. PacLease trucks tend to offer conservative or lower mileage vehicles than what is generally found in the overall used truck market. That is because most of our customers primarily operate private fleets whose primary business is not always trucking. This applies to both heavy and medium duty vehicles.


Vehicle Specs – With any used truck purchase, you’ll want to ensure the vehicle specs match your operation. Is the vehicle geared for fuel economy or a highway flyer? Is it light weight or built for heavy haul? PacLease trucks are spec’d for the specific operation that they are being put into service for. That means that PacLease used trucks have a wide variety of features and options. Our franchises work with a variety of suppliers and manufacturers based in their region to outfit the trucks, essentially doing the hard work of making sure the equipment on the truck is supported and serviceable in your region. Additionally, when PacLease products are spec’d they frequently include the latest technology such as electronic stability control systems, automated manual transmissions, or adaptive cruise breaking. These are features that are considered standard options in new trucks today but may not have been as common when the truck was built. PacLease used trucks can often provide you a quality used truck with today’s technologies matched to your operation.

Engines – Technically, engines could be grouped in the previous section on vehicle specs, but in the case of PacLease, this is an important topic that requires a section of its own. Class 8 PacLease fleets are predominately powered by the PACCAR MX-13 engine. From the day the PACCAR MX-13 engine was conceptualized, it was designed for durability with a B-10 rating of over one million miles. This design standard reduces the probably of the engine needing an overhaul or replacement before reaching one million miles. You will also get the added comfort of knowing that your engine has been dealer maintained by trained service professionals with the appropriate tools and will be current with all diagnostic updates. That’s a value that can only be found in Kenworth or Peterbilt vehicles, which used truck buyers, can appreciate. Should buyers desire an extra level of assurance, aftermarket extended engine warranties are available at favorable pricing.

Who you’re buying from – When a PacLease franchise has a truck that is ready for resale, it is often turned over to their associated Kenworth or Peterbilt dealership’s used truck department. The Kenworth and Peterbilt dealer network are the most experienced and respected dealerships in the industry. Working with the dealership directly means that you are buying from business professionals who are in the business of understanding Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks.


Furthermore, through the Kenworth or Peterbilt dealership, used truck buyers will have access to many programs that will support the ongoing operation of the truck such as financing, extended warranties and Parts loyalty programs, all designed to help the buyer continue to maintain their vehicle for maximum uptime. Combined with the previously noted benefits of owning a PacLease used truck, these programs will help ensure your Kenworth or Peterbilt used truck will hold its value.

Purchasing a used truck is a significant investment, and our Kenworth and Peterbilt dealership network understands your needs. To find the PacLease location nearest to you, see and ask about their PacLease used truck inventory. Keep your business moving forward with PacLease used trucks.

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PacLease Redesign Used Truck Website!

PacLease is excited to announce the launch of its updated Used Truck website at The easy-to-use and intuitive site has a responsive design that optimizes its pages for all browsers and devices. Its redesigned layout highlights the benefits of PacLease Used Trucks and includes monthly featured trucks and a sample list of available inventory. Be sure to explore the new site today!

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