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August 3, 2020


CVSA Brake Safety Week Has Been Announced for Aug. 23-29th

Brake Safety Week is coming up. To help your fleet prepare, here are a few points on brake system safety. Starting August 23rd, law enforcement agencies across North America will be conducting focused Brake System Inspections for Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) Brake Safety Week.

During the 2019 CVSA Brake Safety Week, law enforcement officers inspected 34,320 commercial vehicles throughout the U.S and Canada. Of the vehicles inspected, 4,626 vehicles were placed out of service due to critical brake-related violations, or nearly 14 percent.

A key focus in last year’s CVSA Brake Safety Week was on brake and tubing components. During inspections, law enforcement officers identified 2,567 vehicles with chafed rubber hose violations and 1,347 with thermoplastic hose violations in the U.S. In Canada, inspectors found 2,704 vehicles with chafed rubber hose violations and 1,683 kinked thermoplastic hose violations. 

Interestingly enough, when the CVSA conducted an unannounced brake check inspection prior to the Brake Safety Week, the CVSA found comparable results. While law enforcement officers inspected 10,358 commercial vehicles over the course of a day throughout Canada and the U.S., 16 percent, or 1,667 of the vehicles inspected were removed from the road due to critical brake-related violations.

Braking systems are often at the top of the list for vehicle component violations. By addressing commonly reported problem areas, you can help keep your equipment and drivers on the road, and away from being included in a violation statistic. 


For more information on the CVSA Brake Safety Week:

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