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January 31, 2023


New Medium Duty Trucks Spec’d for Your Logistic Needs

Jeff Susca, Rental Development Manager

When it comes to final-mile delivery, many companies grapple with an important decision: Should we do it ourselves, or should we outsource?

Some companies chose to outsource to keep costs predictable, albeit at a higher total cost. But, in addition to the increased expense, there is also a bigger issue -- handing over control of logistics to another company. In an ideal situation, a company would have the perfect equipment, at a predictable cost, under its own control.

At PacLease, we’re here to help.

With the introduction of Kenworth’s and Peterbilt’s new medium-duty lineup, PacLease now has bolstered its capabilities with trucks specifically designed for regional and final-mile delivery. And it has the service capabilities to keep those trucks running with optimal uptime. From the wider, more ergonomic cabs offering best-in-class technology and customization, to the brand-new PACCAR TX-8 transmission, everything about these trucks has been designed from the ground up to optimize performance, comfort, and reliability.

A partnership with PacLease allows customers to truly take full advantage of all the benefits these new Peterbilt and Kenworth models offer. And, they’re available to rent, or lease.

One of the major differentiators of PacLease (and unlike other leasing or rental providers), is that we are part of the PACCAR family, including Kenworth and Peterbilt. Working with our customers to understand their operation, and having the engineering resources at Kenworth and Peterbilt, means we can custom build trucks that meet our customers’ exact requirements. 

While many companies have chosen to lease or rent prior medium-duty models through PacLease, the new models we now offer are distinctly different and optimized for short-haul operations. They’re more comfortable and offer an improved ergonomic environment for the drivers and passengers who spend their days getting in and out of these trucks. They’re also more fuel efficient than previous models. The result is a truck that reduces expenses for its owner, not just from an operational standpoint, but with the most expensive part of a logistical operation: the driver. Improving driver comfort and satisfaction has been shown to increase driver retention, reduce turnover, and allow companies to focus on what they do best: delivering their product.

Leasing and renting these new and improved medium-duty trucks from PacLease is the most straightforward way to control costs. PacLease provides predictable costs and you can take advantage of everything the PacLease network has to offer to ensure a well-run operation.

While leasing or renting can be the best option for most, some companies still prefer to purchase equipment outright. If that’s your situation, you can still take advantage of the service offerings that PacLease provides. Through our managed maintenance program, we offer nearly all the same benefits that we provide to our lease customers, to those that purchase.

We encourage you to look closely at the new lineup of Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks in Class 5-7 ratings. They are top-of-the-line vehicles, and best yet, they’re supported by our network of PacLease franchises that provide uncompromised service.

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