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October 10, 2023


Why Rent a Commercial Medium Duty Truck with PacLease

By Kevin Pershon, PacLease Texas Company Stores Assistant General Manager

The PacLease rental fleet offers customized, flexible options designed to exceed your business needs. Whether seasonal business peaks, new routes, or even last-minute additions, our Kenworth and Peterbilt medium-duty truck models have always been designed with a focus on driver safety, comfort, and efficiency. The recent introduction of a comprehensive new Kenworth and Peterbilt medium duty product line up, further adds to that focus.

Medium Duty Rental Lineup

Kenworth and Peterbilt recently launched a full new medium duty lineup. This new lineup is a complete redesign from the ground up, not just an update or minor update of the previous model. The new class of medium-duty trucks has been tailored and designed with the driver’s comfort and safety in mind. Both Kenworth and Peterbilt offer spacious interiors with driver-centric operating systems. Whether it’s better visibility, a tighter turning radius, improved fuel efficiency or enhanced safety, the New Medium Duty Lineup offers solutions on every front.

Cab and Interior

The New Medium Duty Lineup is equipped with a cab that is 2.1-meters long. What does this mean for you and your drivers? This equates to a cab that is 8 inches wider than the previous generation cab. A wider cabin and more floor space allow for three adults to fit comfortably in the redesigned cabin.

Kenworth and Peterbilt designed the medium-duty truck with the driver in mind. A lowered dashboard, sloped hood, larger windshield and large exterior mirrors improve driver visibility. With a 3-inch lower cab height, knurled grab handles and stair-like steps, getting in and out of these trucks is easier than ever.

One of the most prominent features that immediately stands out is the 7-inch digital driver display. This fully digital display allows drivers to customize their gauges and locations while providing good visibility. The new 7-inch digital display is the largest in the medium-duty market and provides the driver with alerts and important vehicle information to increase safety while reducing distractibility. This display makes eye fatigue and squinting a thing of the past.  

A truck that drives and feels like a car. From the column-mounted shifter to the multifunction steering wheel, the days of searching for switches are over. Elements such as cruise control, audio, and display controls are now at the driver's fingertips. The new PACCAR 8-speed automatic transmission features the low total cost of ownership, with increased fuel efficiency, and the best power-to-weight ratio in its class. This transmission drives and moves effortlessly, providing a more comfortable and effortless driving experience.


Safety Features

Additional safety technologies have been integrated into the new model lineup. These safety technologies provide important features to protect your driver and those around them.

Distracted drivers pose a driving hazard that, unfortunately, can be a daily obstacle. To provide your drivers with additional protection, integrated safety features such as adaptive cruise control, collision mitigation, lane departure warning and side object detection combat driver fatigue and ensure a safer driving environment for everyone.

Safety provides potentially life-saving features to reduce collisions and increase driver awareness. Forward-facing radars can detect other vehicles to minimize cruise control speed, while the collision mitigation system provides visual and audible alerts to the driver of a possible collision. Side Object Detection Radars help monitor those pesky blind spots, and the Lane Departure Warning notifies a driver if they are drifting out of their lane.


Regardless, if you are renting a truck from the new medium duty product lineup or one of our legacy units, the PacLease rental fleet is meticulously maintained by some of the best factory-trained technicians in the industry and uses high quality parts to ensure optimal operating condition. Our comprehensive preventative maintenance program and the durability of Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks, reduce breakdowns and increase reliability to deliver real-world uptime results your business can rely on.

Customer First

PacLease prides itself on offering the highest quality trucks and we focus on our customers’ needs. With the customer at the very center of our business, we offer flexible solutions for everything from truck rentals, diesel, DEF, tolls, fuel taxes and more. Whether you’re looking for a rental to support driver retention or just want a better rental experience, we have you covered. Our fleet is custom spec’d for the local terrain to ensure optimal performance and fuel efficiency.

PacLease, a PACCAR company, is here for you and your fleet to increase your productivity and keep your business moving forward. Thank you for the opportunity to continue to earn your business and become a trusted source for all your rental needs.    

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