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June 20, 2024


Key Benefits of the PacLease National Rental Program

Tosha Missel, PacLease Senior Marketing Specialist

In the fast-paced world of fleet management, being able to quickly adapt to changing needs and requirements is crucial to succeed in business. Fleet managers looking to increase their flexibility and profitability are discovering the PacLease National Rental Program. The program was created to support high volume rental needs, over multiple locations, across the country. It provides fleet managers various time-saving advantages such as flexible rental rates, access to an inventory of well-maintained premium trucks, and personalized service, in order to keep their businesses moving forward.

Establishing a National Rental Account can be a valuable tool for fleets with intermittent rental needs due to seasonal fluctuations or scaling up. Customers can choose to rent for as short or long a term as needed. With a National Rental Account, competitive daily, weekly, or monthly rental rates along with per mile/kilometer charges are established up front for all your rental equipment needs across the PacLease US and Canadian network.

Flexibility and Scalability

The PacLease National Rental Program offers fleets the flexibility to rent trucks for as short or long a term as needed. The program allows fleet managers to easily adjust their rental fleet size based on their current requirements, avoiding the need to invest in additional trucks or deal with excess capacity during slower periods.

Streamlined Process and Time Savings

By establishing a National Rental Account, fleets can minimize the time spent searching for rental trucks and completing administrative paperwork for each rental transaction. The program maintains up-to-date credit and insurance information on file and available to the PacLease network, expediting future rental transactions. By providing this information in advance during account setup, along with your established rental rates in place, each subsequent rental transaction is expedited at all network locations. With a dedicated PACCAR Leasing representative assigned to each customer, the process of finding and securing the right rental truck becomes faster and more efficient.

Premium Trucks and Personalized Service

One of the key advantages of the PacLease National Rental Program is access to an inventory of well-maintained, premium Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks, each vehicle offers a wide variety of non-standard specifications. This ensures fleet managers can find the right truck for their specific application, including PTOs, vocational equipment, or drop axle tractors. Additionally, the program is supported by more than 450 PacLease locations nationwide, providing fleets with personalized service and support when and where they need it.

24/7 Roadside Assistance

A PacLease National Rental customer receives many of the same benefits available to all our valued rental customers, including 24/7 PacCentral roadside assistance. PacCentral offers added assurance for drivers and/or fleets to help minimizing potential downtime in the event of an unexpected emergency.

PacLease Network

The National Rental Program also provides expedited process pre-approved consistent rates throughout the network. Furthermore, our network consists of independent and locally-owned lease and rental locations that offer personalized support tailored to your specific needs.

Overall, the National Rental Program provides customers with flexibility, simplifies the rental process, and grants them access to premium trucks and personalized service. This program allows customers to meet their rental needs efficiently, adapt to changing demands, and keep their businesses moving forward.

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