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February 28, 2024


Top 5 Questions Asked by Rental Customers

Is your business experiencing growing pains due to fleet expansion or seasonal demand that has you scrambling for extra trucks? When you need it most, PacLease can help. PacLease offers high-quality Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks for both regional and national use and they are spec’d for optimal performance in multiple terrains. And vocational trucks, such as dump trucks and roll-offs, can be rented at many of our locations.

Top questions our customers ask when looking to rent a commercial truck:

1. What is the process for new customers to rent?

We provide several options for new customers. Customer qualification is quick with a few simple up-front reviews of credit and insurance requirements. Some locations even provide optional third-party insurance solutions. Once the credit and insurance are established the customer onboarding is completed, and the rental process is underway.   

2. Key Safety Features

Our rental fleet is at the forefront of safety. We offer a variety of truck models and application specific safety features varying by truck. These features can help with insurance costs and help reduce collision or impact related events. Since we all share the same roads, rental fleet safety features are designed to ensure the safety of not only the driver, but also those around them.


3. What model year is typically in your rental fleet?

PacLease is proud to offer a variety of truck options from our modern rental fleet that offers cutting-edge technology to our legacy units. The PacLease rental fleet is meticulously maintained by some of the best factory-trained technicians in the industry and uses premium quality parts and service practices to ensure optimal operating conditions are achieved on every unit. We understand that uptime is important to our customers and it is just as important to PacLease.

4. Top features asked based on truck type:

Day Cab: Does it have air ride, air dump, sliding fifth wheel, and maneuverability?

Our day cab tractors are not your typical cookie cutter spec’d trucks. PacLease offers a variety of trucks including high content trucks. Many have sliding fifth wheels, automatic transmissions, air ride tractor and cab suspensions, suspension air dump valves, and wet kits. Being able to slide the fifth wheel with ease, coupled with a wheelbase designed for optimized maneuverability, our day cabs are perfect for city operations. Alley docks, tight spaces or even congested areas are a breeze thanks to the turning radius these trucks provide.


Sleeper: What is the size of the sleeper bunk, how does it handle the road, and does it have fairings?

When it comes to long haul operations or even short distance hook and swing, its all about comfort. Our air ride suspension absorbs road shocks and vibrations, reducing driver fatigue while simultaneously providing a more comfortable ride. Speaking of driver comfort, our rental sleepers offer a spacious environment for the driver, allowing them to easily stand up and move around with ease. As for the size of the sleeping space, the high roof sleeper options offer up to 80 cubic feet of space. To maximize fuel economy and combat the ever-rising price of diesel, our sleepers are equipped with aero dynamic efficiency packages and full-chassis fairings to save you money at the pump while offering a stylish design.  

Box Trucks: Do they have a bench seat and how many people does it sit? What kind of dash display is available?

Our rental box trucks are available with 2–3-person seating options. The 3-person bench, with the newly designed 2.1-meter cab provides enough space for 3 adults to comfortably cruise down the road. Our new medium-duty rental trucks also come standard with digital dash displays. These displays are larger, brighter and offer better visibility and driver information than previous analog gauges. The light contrast is sharp and clear, allowing for easy readability even at night without causing unnecessary eye fatigue. The futuristic feel created by the gauges matches the drive and ride offered by our rentals.


5. How frequently are we billed? When can my drivers typically pick up or drop off a commercial rental truck?

Across the PacLease network there is a variety of billing options, pickup and drop off times can be tailored to meet your transportation and business needs. PacLease location hours vary by location however, most locations allow for evening and late-night drop offs as well as early morning pick-ups designed to maximize the time you spend on the road. Our rental billing flexibility offers daily, weekly, and even monthly billing to help meet your operational needs.

The next time you need a commercial rental truck(s), the rental experts at PacLease can help you find rental trucks that are equipped for the job and the driver.

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