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November 17, 2020


PacLease Location Spotlight - Spec’ing for Ag in the “Salad Bowl of the World”

Keisha Shelton, Business Development Manager  Coast Counties Peterbilt PacLease

Bill Russell, Executive Account Manager – Coast Counties Peterbilt PacLease

The United States Department of Agriculture states that the agricultural sector accounts for an estimated 1% of the nation’s GDP. The Salinas Valley is the largest region in Monterey County and one of the most productive agriculture valleys in California. Considered the “Salad Bowl of the World”, it is estimated that roughly 70% of the U.S. produce is grown in the Salinas Valley.

To keep the world’s largest “salad bowl” moving, we at PacLease help to run and maintain the transportation and logistics of the agriculture industry in Salinas – partnering with our customers to help them maximize their uptime and meet deadlines. Coast Counties Peterbilt PacLease in the Salinas Valley is home to one of our flagship franchises that has been in business since 1949. Coast Counties Peterbilt PacLease has been able to assist companies in the Salinas Valley agriculture industry to feed America.


PacLease assists with developing and maintaining customized logistic plans through:

-Specs for every application.

By providing customers with customized vehicles, long-term leases, and short-term rentals, we are able to increase uptime and help our agriculture customers meet the demands of their job and seasonal needs. For example, providing pintle hooks on our trucks to help our customers move their trailers. PTOs are provided on the trucks to help move equipment. To meet the high demands of the single axle day cabs needs, we spec our tandem axle day cabs with negative 5th wheel slides. This allows our agriculture customers to run as single axle trucks. We also provide toolboxes on our trucks, so our customers can carry their tools and straps.

-Onsite fleet maintenance program and telematics program.

Our routine scheduled fleet maintenance program and our telematics program are key to customer uptime. We work with each customer’s busy schedule to come to their location to maintain their equipment. PacLease trained maintenance professionals maximize uptime by applying an aggressive maintenance program to keep fleets running efficiently. We utilize the latest technology, such as SmartNav – which receives real-time alerts to anticipate things that may affect our customer’s uptime. In addition, our telematics program offers real-time access to fleet health information and alerts our customers with notifications and maintenance schedules.

-Rental fleet.

Our rental program is another factor in helping our customers to meet the demands of the market. PacLease is able to provide additional trucks for various agriculture companies to rent on a short to medium-term basis. We are able to help with seasonal needs and demands by providing rental trucks, supplemental repair and maintenance service, and compliance assistance for our agriculture customers in Yuma, AZ, Santa Maria, Los Banos and the Salinas Valley.

We understand it’s a huge task to feed America, but we have the trucks and the network to get the job done.


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