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Safety & Maintenance

May 31, 2022


10 Step Brakes and Brake Component Check

By Willie Reeves, PacLease Director of Maintenance & Tosha Missel, PacLease Marketing Specialist

Brakes and brake components are one of the most essential parts on any truck. Proper brake maintenance and inspections are critical to ensure adequate performance.

Air System: Make sure the air dryer is functioning appropriately and that the air dryer filter is well maintained and replaced at the recommended intervals. It is important not to have any moisture in the air system. In addition, there should not be any leaks in the air lines or fittings.

Brake Linings: Inspect for correct lining thickness and even wear across the brake linings.

Brake Pads: Examine your brake pads for proper wear and correct thickness.

Brake Rotors: Be on the lookout for any warping or uneven wear. Ensure your brake rotors have the proper thickness.

Brake Drums: Make sure there are no heat stress cracks and they are seated correctly.

Dust Shields: Check dust shields to ensure they are not loose, damaged, and not causing any interfering with brake drums or rotors.

Tractor Protection and Park Brake Valve: Ensure the proper engagement when the valve is operated and does not leak.

Air Tanks: Free from damaged, leaks, and are drained daily to help prevent and drain any moisture build-up.

Anti-lock Braking System: Make sure your anti-lock braking system is functioning correctly (e.g. No dash indicator lights stating ABS issue).

Air Lines and 7-Way Connectors: Check air lines and connectors for any leaks, frays and pinched or cut connectors that could limit the air supply and electrical supply being delivered to the trailer. Inspect your gladhands to ensure no leaking, torn, or missing seals.

To avoid brake violations, assess all the components above frequently, even between preventive maintenance scheduled services. Keep your truck in peak performance by regular inspections and preventative maintenance to increase uptime.

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