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August 2, 2022


CVSA Brake Safety Week Has Been Announced for August 21-27th

Rachel Lambros, PACCAR Leasing Marketing Intern

This year’s Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) Brake Safety Week is quickly approaching. From August 21st to 27th, inspectors will conduct North American Standard Level I and V Inspections on commercial motor vehicles throughout North America. The focus of this year’s Brake Safety Week is on brake hose/tubing chafing violations. In order to prepare, here’s what you need to know. 

During the brake portion of a vehicle inspection, inspectors will check for the following:

  • Missing, non-functioning, loose, contaminated or cracked parts on the brake system
  • Non-manufactured holes (such as rust holes and holes created by rubbing or friction)
  • Broken springs in the spring brake housing section of the parking brake
  • Audible air leaks around brake components and lines
  • Consistency of the size of slack adjusters and air chambers on each axle
  • Required brake-system warning devices
  • And more!

Brake safety is key to keeping everyone on the road safe. According to CVSA’s 2021 International Roadcheck Results, brake systems and brake adjustment violations accounted for 38.9% of all vehicle out-of-service violations. This was the most of any category of commercial motor vehicle violations. Furthermore, last year’s CVSA 2021 Brake Safety Week Results reported that out of 35,764 commercial motor vehicles inspected throughout North America, 12% of those vehicles were put out of service following inspections using the CVSA’s North American Standard Out-of-Service Criteria.

The CVSA encourages ongoing proactive vehicle maintenance. To acknowledge hard work and commitment to safety by inspectors, drivers and motor carriers, commercial motor vehicles that do not have critical vehicle inspection violations will be given a CVSA decal. Brake Safety Week is an opportunity to provide education about the importance of brake safety and vehicle inspections. Keeping your fleet properly maintained will keep your business moving forward and ensure driver and public safety.

For more information on the CVSA Brake Safety Week:   

CVSA Emergency Declaration resource:

More CVSA Resources:

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